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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  August 22, 2015 6:00am-6:34am EDT

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>> sending people scrambling. they run by across from the federal building. >> police set down and they now say he's an active shooter. >> just after 5:00 p.m. friday, kevin downing, a veteran and former employee walked through these doors. >> as he approached the medal detector he pulled out a gun and shot the security officer at short range. >> a manhattan resident who is off the clock at 4:00 p.m. and decided to stick around for extra duty and help out was killed. downing continued walking. >> he shot the security officer, went down the hallway, counted another employee in the building and turned around and shot himself. >> secretary of homeland
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security jay johnson rushed to the federal building. >> i want to express my con condelences to the family and be with the employees in the face of the tragedy. >> fbi now taking the lead in the investigation, news 4 learned downing had two handguns on him. both weapons are being tracked. many in soho are still shaken up by the chaos. >> reporter: police say there's no apparent links to terrorism. >> the investigation now spanding spand spanning to new jersey where the gunman lived. news 4's ravietta reports.
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>> reporter: to those who live around hubbert place kevin downing was a real-estate agent. a man who kept to himself. friday night it was like a scene in a move ree for them. the swat team surrounded the house with guns drawn. authorities say he shot a security guard at a soho federal building and investigators want to know why. according to court documents and relatives he worked with the office. >> we don't know if he worked at this building or another location because he left the government some time ago. >> downing served in the military in the early 1960s and stationed in europe.
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he was the oldest of three children. neighbors tell us his house had been on the market for years. we found a video dating back to 2013 advertising it on youtube. >> reporter: when was the last time you saw him? >> maybe a few months ago. >> reporter: the same relative tells nbc 4 they think he went to an agency that fired him more than 10 years ago. >> the man was quiet, never drew any attention to himself. >> reporter: the police are out here because this is still considered a crime scene as the feds look for any incite inside that home. incite that will tell them why the attack happened in the first place. they will be looking for documents, hard drives and pictures. >> three americans being held
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for heroes for preventing a massacre. a college student subdued a gunman as he opened fire on a high speed train. the gunman came out of the train's back with no shirt on and opened fire with an automatic weapon. he wounded two people before the american passengers took action and took him down right there. >> we looked at what was happening and alex said go get him. >> i came to see my friends on my first trip in europe and we stopped a terrorist. it's kind of crazy. >> the motive for the attack is still unclear. the gunman had been on the radar. the heroic passengers identified as national guardsman, college student anthony sadler and eric spencer stone. he is in the hospital with a stab wound but expected to
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recover. >> new this morning police trying to track down a subject who stabbed a man to death in bronx. police found the 51-year-old victim inside an apartment. that man was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police say the stabbing may have stemmed from a domestic dispute. they believe the suspect is a woman in her 20s. investigators have pinpointed the cause of that huge explosion at jfk high school in the bronx. it was thursday night. the blast injured three workers and caused a lot of damage. news 4 has the information. >> gas caused the high school to explode. plumbers were working on the finishing touches to the. >> i hate to say it but thank
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god the kids were fine and it wasn't during school. >> no students but three workers, the one who lit the match is a 36-year-old. sources say 90% of his body is burned including his lungs. the father of two works for plumbing and heating in ozone park. his two co-workers, a 53-year-old and 38-year-old are also burned and all in the burn unit. >> i felt it was a loud bang. >> during the blast debris from the classrooms flew roughly 2 hupd hundred feet and blue up ew up the science walls. >> my classroom is like 30 feet away from the explosion. very sad. very scary. >> reporter: yes, there is a
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full vaca order here. the d.o.e. is contacting family members of the children telling school year. today in new york. >> investigators trying to fig your out what caused a deadly truck crash that left drivers sitting in jam packed traffic for hours. drivers along i-87 spent much of the day stuck in that mess. the roadway was backed up 10 miles. the driver hit two vehicles and somehow crossed over a guard rail and collided with a tractor trailer. the driver and passenger were killed. >> from what we can gather, may attempted to crept back into traffic and at that point lost control of his truck when it crossed the guard rail. >> the track tar trailer driver was injured but he's expected to recover. no one else is seriously hurt. >> moving now to wall street.
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real hard to stomach, even for veteran investors. the dow tumbled 530 points yesterday and leaving the index off for a thousand points a week. analyst tell us the concerns about china caused wall street to panic. >> we don't know whether or not they have the capability to contain their own problems. there's been a lot of over investment there and a lot of bad investment and corruption in the investment made there. >> oib of the hardest hit companies, apple. the tech giant entered bare market territory down to 20%. the maker of john deere tractors was the leading loser. >> still to come, we're heading out west where those wild fires continue to destroy parts of washington state and this morning as thousands flee their homes, three firefighters remembered as heroes.
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>> then later, an i-team exclusion evidence. >> what our hidden cameras found in some junk yards will surprise you. >> and we're expecting lots of sunshine in new york city and areas west. also tracking the storm off east. what does that mean for your long island beach plans this weekend? we'll look at your forecast coming up.
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we've had great weather this summer. this weekend is a little different. it depends on where you are. the farther east you go, the more cloudiness this week and and also rain. tomorrow we're dealing with the chance of rain. it's not a wash up for anyone. you don't need to cancel any plans. beautiful shot there. 70 degrees. we have partly sunny skies early on this saturday morning. let's take a look at storm tracker and show you what's going on. look at the clouds lingering off to the east. we even have some rain offshore. it's going to linger and sit there later today. some of these showers may throw back throughout the day today. places like the hamptons and monotogue. the rest of us, we're keeping it dry and the other story is low humidity. 58 and 64.
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you notice the refreshing air mass that moves in. dew points and humidity way down. temperatures in the low 50s. 70 in central park. 68 in long branch and 61 for you in danbury. let's break down the weekend day by day. 68 86 for the high today. now, overnight into tomorrow the storm retrogrades to the west a little bit. it backs in. we're dealing with increasing clouds, not as much sunshine and a few showers and storms popping up from time to time. indians taking on the yanks today. it's hot and bright throughout the game. enjoy that one. here's a look al future tracker. there's the rain offshore. beach weather not so great. maybe for montogue and the hamptons. loads of sunshine from new york
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city to the hudson valley. this is a look at 5:00 tonight. watch what happens overnight tonight. this is tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. a few spotty showers tomorrow. it's not a wash out but we're dealing with the waves of clouds and a few showers and storms from time to time. a few heavy downpours, more of the same. not as much. sun for sunday, get out and enjoy it today. low humidity and hot. just the way we like it. overnight down to 69 for the low and showers possible late into the overnight into tomorrow. scattered storms a possibility. it's also nug gi. it's also muggy. we're drying out again on wednesday. you want to stay up to date with the news 4 app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. you can see how to submit your own weather video.
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the app is available right now. pat and carrie, over to you. >> it's like bennifer but cooler. >> still to come on today in new york on this saturday morning, last week's clear the shelter's campaign car rid ried a huge success. we want to share some of those stories with you. stick around for that. here's melissa with your fandango ticket. >> hi everyone. there are three movies opening this week. the action thriller hit man 47, the horror film. hit man 47 is an action thriller based on the video games. the fast pace keeps you engaged the entire time.
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the follow up to the 2012 horror film sinister. it expands on the story and dhands more images. why is it so terrifying when children sees ghost? this is where a stiner kiss discovers he's a sleeper agent. now let's see which movies our fans are buzzing about in fan participation. here are this week's scores. that's what's going on at the movies this weekend. for today in new york, i'm aal alicia malone.
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this time last saturday thousands of people across the country were helping us with clear the shelters. >> today we have fantastic and heartwarming stories to share
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with you. >> on the break of death hours away from being put down in a shelter in georgia. that is until one photo literally changed their lives. the animals rescue posted this picture of them hugging and within two hours rescued and given a new lease on life. chester, a pit bull mix was unadoptable having rif lived in shelters for over five years. one long island animal group posted a sign. the door family had a new family member. and then there's tucker, the sad faced cat who couldn't find a home. the story went viral. adoption offers came pouring in from all over the world. tucker now has her own facebook page. see how much social media plays a big part in finding animal shelter homes.
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>> we have a huge social media community which enables us to get dogs out, have people look at them and become aware of who they are and whose available. >> they also adopted dogs to a couple of celebrities. angie adopted walker from us and lina is a huge supporter. all these post give us enormous reach we normally wouldn't being a rescue based organization in new york city. >> i'm sarah. >> i'm jackie and this is our dog. we've been followed see spot rescued on instagram and facebook for over two years. they did a really good job keeping us up to date with new dogs that came in posting videos and pictures. he has his own instagram. everybody connected to duke can see what he's up to on the day-to-day. we want people to know there's
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nothing wrong with a rescue dog. our focus is making sure people see the good side of these dogs. they're perfect dogs. so many great stories. >> more to come. a quick programming note as well. our clear the shelters event was a huge success so tonight we'll share some of those stories and hear from celebrities that's grown their families by adopting shelter animals. frds. >> that is so cute. >> terrific. the best. >> coming up next at 6:30 on today in new york, mysterious signs popping up promotingri big box stores coming soon. those companies say they didn't put them there. who did? >> if you were wearing a fir coat, how would you be in the summer? more on this pool party. >> there's a lot of them there too.
6:22 am
mplicated forecast today. depending on where you are. you want to pay close attention if you have beach plans especially if you're headed to long island. shore cast coming up.
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good morning. it is 70 degrees approaching 6:30. welcome back to today in new york. >> 70 degrees is nice. >> i know. >> yesterday this time it was 78 and steamy. 70 and cool feels good. raphael. >> nothing steamy about it this morning. nice and cool. refreshing. north and west of new york city. maybe you're thinking about heading to the beach. depends on where you are whether you're going to have good or bad weather.
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tracking the area of low pressure offshore. you can see the clouds kicking back across the hamptons. that's the situation we're dealing with today. more clou ness, the farther east you head. better weather farther west. you have to choose between the jersey shore and long island, you have to pick the jersey shore. temperatures rebounding back to the 80s. waves two to three feet. water temperatures 72 to 79 degrees. as you head to fire island east that's where the clouds are going to be locked in. you can have a few showers and pop up thunderstorm possible in places like montog and the hamptons. there's a mad oderate risk for rip currents. u.s. index 7. you need to sunscreen. taking a look at your 7-day forecast in a bit. >> we're going to head out west
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where nearly 400,000 acres have burned. 15 separate wild fires. you're looking at helmet cam individual yes as the national guards black hawk pilots douse the flames from above. he leann greg has our story. >> the winds turned reigniting the flames. ferocious 40 mile an hour gust force new evacuations. more than 35,000 people fled their homes. officials don't know how many houses have burned. winds fuelled flames and pilots made limiting drops in blinding conditions. >> it makes it difficult if not impossible to utilize avenue vags resources on a day like this. >> it turned deadly when it
6:27 am
burst 182 degrees. vehicles were trying to flee. one escaped and the other fell over a steep embankment as flames approached killing three firefighters. richard wheeler leaves behind a wife. andrew was married to a fellow firefighter. one had an gnly child set to start college next week. help is coming from abroad. a contingent from australia this weekend. for the first time they're asking volunteers to operate heavy equipment. alex spent thousands of dollars buying his own fire truck. >> if we can sane one person's home this rt absolutely worth it. here we are. >> extraordinary measures during this relentless fire se on. leann greg, nbc news. washington. >> 6:30 now.
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are fight over a cheap umbrella esca yted into a deadly brawl outside of a mcdonald's. this morning, one man is dead. another woman fighting for her life. this fight involved two couples. one of the men stabbed another and killed him. the suspect is shown wearing fatigues pulling the pictims girl friend to the troundinust before stabbing her as well. the suspect and his girl friend in police custody this trmorning. mysterious coming soon signs advertising phony businesses are being slapped up. neighbors are trying to figure out whose going through the trouble of posting them. >> i think that's really weird and i would like to know whose doing it and what their motivation is behind it. >> it doesn't hurt anyone. it's a joke. it's good stuff. >> okay.
6:29 am
some people speculate ians fra commentary on the -- >> look, look, look. come take a peak. momma bear and her five cubs, five of them beating the summer heat in a backyard pool. this is in new jersey. five cubs is rather unusual. >> she can't afford to take them all to the beach. can you imagine. >> news 4 michael george spoke to the family who watched as this cool party went down. >> there's bears in the pool. >> a bear pool party. a mother bear and her five cubs had the time of their lives cooling off in someone's backyard pool.gethat someone is tim basso who recorded the whole thing. >> they're acting almost like people hanging out in the pool cooling off. >> tim es
6:30 am
's two kids watch. >> they grabbed the toy and lepped it like a ba'loon. >> they took my floatie. >> mean nil,, the bears continue to have d n. splashing around, play fighting. either they don't know they're being watched or they don't care. >> i don't know sweetie, i think our pool is shot. >> the party goes on for 11 ar minutes. eventually the bears'sovha on. he's surprised to see his video has been seen nationwide. >> jg t knowing they're around is a concern. don't want to turn my back for too long if they're playing in the backyard. >> reporter: i asked animal control what will happen to the bears? they said nothing. as long as they don't pose a
6:31 am
danger to humans. >> the re just groug wing up. >> that's all they wanted to do. >> child bears. you can watch the entire video on it is the most popular story on our site and facebook page as well. l best. i could wa h that all day. >> who takesnthe float. >> he's got my floatie. your pool is shot, baby. >> i like the sound of the little girl in the backgroustnd. are paper spread ledders and strong paomss words enough to keep your stuff safe? >> how at local junk yards how one man's trash can be an entity thief's treasure.
6:32 am
6:33 am
now to an i- >>team exclusion ve. you might think you're being
6:34 am
careful when it comes to your information. >> did y taknk touse crumpled up papers in our car could put you at risk? we have th in istigation. >> you can findd ore than spare yorts if you sniff around a salvage yard long enough. when an i-team took a camera, look what we found in the wrecked cars. personal documents of all kinds. personal records, legal records, names, birth dates, addresses. someone could use it to establish a new line of credit. on this hstlth insurance record, not only is there a nams but here, this appears to be a social security number. chris manages union auto wreckers in new jersey where over the decades employees have seen just about everything left under the seat. >> this car got towed in and the
6:35 am
guy went to jail for 10 years and it set on the lot and he came here and found 10 grand under the seat. you never really know. >> chris says what drivers don't realize is papers like these ds just as good as cash to an identity thief. i've seen laptops, social secrity cards, insuranoe papers, everything you don't want to leave. >> there are pick and pull lots where you are free to rummage on your own and those are the best targets for identity thieves. at this pick and pull lot the i-team paid a fee allowing us to walk from junked car to junked car. in this one we found a medical record showing the birth of a baby girl. in this one records from a legal settlement. from these bits of informaaton it wasn't hard for me to find
6:36 am
addresses and phone numbers for the former drivers. >> we found some of your personal information. we found your birth date, driver's license number, gym membership with your signature on it. we found a record that you had a baby in 2002. >> it doesn't surprise me that so much information was found in a salvage yard. >> david is the former directing agent in charge of the fbi unit. he says the information i used to contact former drivers could be used by identity thieves to impersonate someone. >> they're good at putting eces of the puzzle together. once they acquire a name they can match up with an address, date of birth or social security number, they can then use those pieces. >> the best way to protect yourself is invest in a paper sledder and remember, no one starts the ignition expecting their car will be towed and land here.
6:37 am
>> don't bring ycrr passport and your social security and all your personal documents into the car and then leave them there for a month. happen. >> today in new york. >> so the i-team left several messages but were unable to find out if the connecticut junk yard has a policy of personal information left in cars. also acquired with tri-state attorney generals that found no laws require salvage lots to expose of the documents. if you have something you think the news 4 i-team should lmon into, call us. it's 1866-news-214. >> trying to reflect the warm weather. the end of august is coming. we got to start really enjoying these weekends now. it's the 22nd. >> yeah. >> wow. i didn't realize it's that far in august. oh boy, that's rough.
6:38 am
we've had a great stretch of weekends. today's going to be descent and solid. the east and west of town more iffy. if you have to pick, head down the jersey shore. beautiful sunshine for you toy day. there's a lookout side. 70 degrees and partly sunny skies. take a look at storm tracker and nbeautiful sunshine building in. high pressure in control from new york city west and off to the east we have a storm sitting offshore. you can see showers from boston, cape cod and this is going to me meander and drift off today. east end of long island, you're going to see those. let's break down region by gion. this is down towards atlantic city. 83 degrees. tomorrow a few clouds and showers and storms are possible. it's not a wash out. you don't need to cancel your beach plans. temperatures in the 80s. limited sun from west hampton today. 82 degrees.
6:39 am
not the best beach weekend here. it's not going to be the worst eil ther. not a lot of heavy rain and passing showers possible. sunday the high temperature of 80. head north and west of town if you want to get the jor jous weather. pop up storms tomorrow. humidity makes a comeback tomorrow and we get back to the muggy pattern. here's a look at future tracker. a beautiful afternoon developing. you can e ariund 4:00, 5:00 a couple of showers trying to fire off to the east of places like rocky point. montogue and the hamptons may see showers. tomorrow morning the clouds back on up into the region. we see more clouds around new york city and spotty showers. nothing major, nothing a washout. on and off showers a possibility. keep in mind they could get wet from time to time tomorrow right through the evening and pressure departs as we head to monday.
6:40 am
for today 86 degrees and low humidity. today it gets more muggy later on tonight and showers possible late in the overnight. take a look at the 7-day forecast. the mugginess is back. hit and miss showers are possible monday. better chanc on tuesday and we're dry and comfortable towards the end of next week. you want to stay up to date with the news tht news 4 app. you can see the latest forecast, interactive radar and the app is available in the app store right now and free. carrie and pat over to you. >> thank you, raphael. coming up after the break. details on a free program designed to prepare children for kindergarten kindergarten. >> later, as if you need to know the answer to this, why two dogs are better than one. of course, they are. we'll take you to, introduce you to adorable animals looking for a home today.
6:43 am
hundreds of grateful families thankful for this free program that gets children ready for school even though they're not fluent in english. >> linda has the details. >> this is a public affairs presentation. >> helping children and their families succeed in education. that's the goal of a unique program on long island and the best part, it's free. sally is lead teacher for the spanish language together to kind garten program. what a great program. >> many parents have come as immigrants and many don't have the knowledge as to help their children to succeed in schools or the options or rights they have.
6:44 am
with our program, we've tried to offer as many opportunities for them to be able to learn the workshops through praying with their kids throughout the session and it creates a bond between the parents and the children and the children become a lot more independent in guiding their education with both languages. >> wonderful. we have video of the kind garten program. it runs for about four weeks. what's a typical day like? >> we begin by having our snack time. >> that's always important. >> definitely. >> can't adults have snack time too. >> the wonderful thing when the parents come for workshops they have breakfast together. they bond and we guide them into the classroom and begin circle time. they search for their names. it's similar to the cub byes
6:45 am
they'll experience in kindergarten. we brought in animals within our circle. many children were hesitant to touch the animals but they did an amazing job. many were brave and we had a safe. >> how many children and families have you had throughout these years now? >> combined with the families, we've had 600. >> in the last 10 years or so. >> yes. >> what kind of impact do you see? we talked before and talked about the culture and in some latin american countries how parents don't necessarily get as involved with their child's classroom, it's the only time.
6:46 am
>> they've been able to exercise their english language. >> so we want to let people know for this summer there's a creole program in august. for next year, where can people get information to join this program? >> they can go to their website at the long island children's museum. it's >> it's called together to kindergarten. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> thank you.
6:47 am
i'm about to share some of my favorites with you. i'm headed out to coal spring harbor which is gorgeous. cold spring harbor is a real new york place. pick up a smoothie. cross over and throw down your picnic blanket and enjoy the color colorful boats. you just might find us chewing our way through the candy store. whether you check out my spots or discover some of your own, i promise there's a perfect adventure waiting for you to
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jump in. for more information, log on to now. good morning. it's time for this morning's pet profile. we're talking about the benefits of having two dogs rather than one. sometimes they need a companion when you're not around. here to explain. >> good morning. >> we'll introduce you guys to this fellow. i have two dogs and i think a
6:49 am
lot of people think it's going to be harder having two verses one or three verses one but it does make it a lot easier. >> it does. it gives them more exercise, mental stimulation. it's wonderful. one dog might train the other dog in some cases. it can help with a shy dog. more confident dog helps build confidence. >> social interaction between the two. >> if they're gone a lot they can play with each other. >> we added an older dog to the mix. >> it's important how you introduce them. it has to be on neutral ground in a positive environment. that helps a lot as well. >> anything else we should know about introducing a new dog? >> of course, it's double the vet bills. more expensive and more time. absolutely they love it.
6:50 am
they're pack animals. the more the better. >> this little guy is named true. a little stray that came to us available at sheeps head bay at pet koe starting at 12:00 today. he's one-year-old and his name is true. he doesn't get along with cats very well. >> he's a calm sweetheart. watch this. megan, come on in. we had to separate the two. he gets fiesty. this beautiful cat is available today at the animal shelter on 110th street at 11:00. she's one-year-old and she'll kiss you. she's bufl. those eyes are gorgeous. i feel bad like we're torturing.
6:51 am
i will let you go your separate ways. you can find more information out about these pets on the animal shelter website. it's >> time now to check in with erika hill and peter alexander to see what's coming up next. hay y'all. >> hay y'all. i love it. i like pat battles throwing out the y'all. we'll get more later. on a serious note we have this morning you're going to hear from the american, one of the americans being held as a hero for taking down the gunman on a crowded train making its way to france. one man in custody for the attack. french officials trying to piece together why he opened fire. >> also ahead an nbc news exclusive as we fly right in the center of the hurricane. this took our team in the eye of hurricane danny. what was it like? we'll take you there and give you the forecast as well.
6:52 am
>> plus we'll hear from a 14 will have 14-year-old who stopped a home invasion. >> imagine that. >> i would rather not. >> also, we've talked about this a lot. new york times square plenty of interesting characters, especially by interesting you mean topless women, cartoon characters. bill de blasio said enough's enough. what folks are saying about it these days. >> pat, we decided and i think you would degree, the main issue is the topless hulk. >> it's not okay. all that green. >> okay. >> that joke fell flat, peter. >> and we're back after this. >> i'll weigh in on that after commercial break. we're coming right back. see you guys in a little bit.
6:54 am
leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. p get your first month' s payment r plus five years wearr and tear coverage. p make the most of summer... t with volvo.
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welcome back. raphi, what you got going on? >> sunshine for us here. great day. low humidity and chilly this morning. sweaters going outside to pick up the newspaper. temperatures in the 50s. don't spoil it for me, carrie. it's like 35 degrees north and west of town. just kidding. it's in the 50s. 86 for your high today. east of town and hamptons may have more clouds. couple of showers possible. not a great beach day for you. tomorrow we get muggy and soup pi again. not a wash out but a few scattered showers and storms possible. again, not the perfect weekend we've had over and over again but not the worst either. just a little bit of reality. >> great summer weekend wise.
6:56 am
>> coming back at you earlier this morning. we'll be here at 8:30 and you don't want to miss this. >> have you heard of a new jersey musk melon? they're good. produce pete takes us to the farm to explain everything we need to know about this. it looks like a cantaloupe. they're good. >> maybe i've heard of them but haven't cared to experiment. >> any who, speaking of poetry, we're going to be celebrating the final days of the harlem week festival. how much do you know about that uptown neighborhood? we're going to test your knowledge when raphi brings you trivia. >> some easy questions in there, soft softballs and also ones enthuse yast know. do your homework now. you have time to study up. >> we'll see you here at 8:30 this saturday morning. you want to come back for the
6:57 am
second half. >> weekend today is next. we'll get it together and see you here early. good morning, american heroes, an attack on a paris-bound train thwarted by three americans including two service members. >> a guy with a gun entered the train cabin. e we got down and -- >> it would have been much worse. the gunman in custody as z they try to make sense of it all. breaking point, wildfires continue to rage in washington as residents watch their homes burn. many say they don't know how much more they can take. this as thousands of volunteers
6:58 am
help to battle the blaze. into the eye, an nbc news exclusive. we take you into a category 3 hurricane. the fearness pilots trying to understand the massive storm by gatt. rg data from hurricane hurricane danny. and stop that ball, an unusual scene in ohio. onlookers chasing a giant red ball rolling through the streets. what set it off? "today," saturday, august 22nd, 2015. >> from nbc news, this is today live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. >> i'm peter alexander. it's the ball that has a lot of people talking today. you're that guy chasing after it. i'm wondering what you think you're going to do at that point.
6:59 am
>> it's like seinfeld. >> and you're thinking where are the cameras? it's candid camera, what is going on. >> and there's your clue. >> it's made out of the same material that they use for rubber lycra. our top story this morning is the americans who came to the rescue on a train bound for paris. thart authorities say it could have been an unspeakable tragedy if these men hadn't stopped the gunman. we're learning more about how it all happened this morning, one of the men that's speaking out brings us up to date. >> good morning, erika. just incredible stories. it's the middle of the summer, the tourist season, a train packed with tourists and witnesses saying this was absolutely terrifying. one passenger from chicago


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